Day 39 – Letting Go

Day 39 – Letting Go

Day 39 – Letting go

I have been required to let go of numerous situations over the last few years all supporting me to reclaim my own power consciously.

  1.  Expectation of how life should or should not be,
  2. People who do not live up to my expectations or who do not have matching values
  3.  People or situations that steal my energy both conscious and unconsciously,
  4. Challenges that have been holdings me back from stepping into my power
  5.  Along with the emotions attached to all these situations which were being supported by my own limiting beliefs

Together all these experiences had been collectively holding me back from understanding my connection with my higher power and also understanding my purpose in life.

“Which for me personally is to experience joy, happiness

and also to inspire others who are ready to take the challenge to BE happy”.

All good!

Ok I had heard and understood the need to let go but how could I do this with ease?

On reflection it actually made it easier when I finally realised; letting go was not something that I would only need to do ONCE for everything to be fine; it actually lowered the pressure to get it right. I started to understand letting go was something that would BE a part of my life every day.

It was to be part of the game of life if I was prepared to grow, evolve and ultimately allow the butterfly that was held within to shine.

Yes I understand I held limiting belief systems that at times would require to be challenged if I desired change.

The definition of insanity holds true “Try to do things the same way over and over while expecting a different outcome is insane” I understand this means if I want a different outcome it required me to change a past pattern to get a different outcome.

The one that I am looking at today is my past programming around the cycle of losing weight, finding myself looking great, only to not truly value the effort and commitment it took for me to reclaim my power, due to my past programming.

I had a story running that said I was not good enough or worthy of compliments or praise.  As soon as someone would say “I looked great” I would unconscious believe that in some way that was not meant for me. I would unconsciously choose to put the weight back on, to confirm to me I was not worthy of the compliment. Yes this may sound crazy but in truth we make many decisions unconsciously everyday supporting what we really believe and say to ourselves most days.

I wonder whether other people have had similar experiences. Please let me know!

What do you say when you look in the mirror or maybe you avoid the mirror? Do you praise and compliment your features or do you look at the things that you do not like? I was always the later!

When something goes wrong do you give yourself a hard time?

Do you find fault in your ability to excel?

I am now 7.6 kg lighter than 2 months ago, I have surrendered this weight to the universe with ease and I love the way I look and feel. I am now taking the time to document how I feel and what this means to me. By recognising how easier it is to walk allowing me to enjoy the experience. Noticing the variety of clothes I have to wear and in general I recognise the lack of cravings even when the food is right in front of me. This is very different outcome because usually I would have eaten fatty or sweet foods before I even gave it a second thought.

By remembering my vision of BEING slim trim feeling terrific; a smile comes to my face when I realise I am fulfilling this outcome with ease.

This journaling has supported the whole experience because whatever has presented itself, I have let go of the stories behind the feeling every day. This supports my belief that I have changed on the inside as much as on the outside.

I am looking forward to buying some sexy lingerie and new clothes in the coming months!

Thank you for letting me share this journey, one day to go.

Have a great day

Love always


Jenny and Gary Leather

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