On reviewing my journey: check out part 1Congruency and Integrity Part 1 yesterday if you missed it,

I love looking back over my journey and examine why I made the choices I did and how those decisions impacted my energy levels. When I was able to become the observer of my journey I could feel I was on the road to “RECLAIM MY POWER”

My energy started to shift when I was willing to BE responsible for all outcomes I was experiencing.

Have you ever found yourself in a meeting or out for dinner when people are big noting what they are able to do or achieve but something within you suspects that they are exaggerating the possibility?

In hindsight, I have been in these meetings but at that time I was unable or willing to listen to my own internal warning system, intuition has been given to us all, as a support program that many are yet to understand its potential to save us from a lot of pain.

My message now is too  “Trust your own knowing”;   be willing to ask more questions to ensure people’s authenticity. If they do not like the questioning; so be it, be willing to walk away.

 If you are worried about what they will think of you, BE VERY WARY, this may be a warning sign of your willingness to put other people needs ahead of your own. If the deal is really  for you it will be there tomorrow.

At a different level in these meeting; we understand that the soul of each individual connects in the first seconds of the meeting and knows straight away if the person speaking is coming from a space of truth or exaggeration. When a person is really out of integrity and their intention is to deceive you, your soul sends an emotion of discomfort felt as anxiety, it is then up to us to be open to this messaging. We need to be able to stand in our own truth, question or walk away.

This has been a major lesson for me to learn especially when I feared the reality of the situation. I found myself in a situation where it was too late to change my mind. I found out too late that we had been lied to and deceived; the time came when I need to accept the consequence that was not easy to accept.

Loss of our family home, I only share this with the intent to save others a similar pain if possible. We all have to travel our own journey of discovery.

I needed to come to the understanding that there was something within me that needed healing and understanding for me to be able to teach about the human journey in the future.

I struggled to accept this reality because I wanted my life to go a certain way yet I had set the intent to understand this human game through the eyes of my soul.

I was to realize to truly understand the mind, body soul journey I needed to experience the ups and the downs from a non-judgmental space. This was to take me years to master and hopefully I am starting to see the magic in the many facets of this game called life.

The truth will always appear in life yet the timing may not happen when you expect it to appear.

Truth has a persistence and strong energy!

When we forget our true potential and ability to manifest in alignment with the universe we can get caught up in others journey; finding ourselves attempting to be enough through their vision.

I can now see myself unconsciously bending the truth due to lack of homework or research ultimately had me creating more crap to deal with in the future until I got the insight and learning’s that were available to me.

Healing comes when we are willing to stand in the sapce of taking responsibility for our part in the journey.

Hard lesson to learn yet I found it amazingly valuable to my journey and intent to awaken to a truth of my physical journey?

This appears to be a way of awakening to the illusions that encompass our lives on a daily basis; we seem to be able to manipulate meaning to suit our unconscious agendas, interesting game.

When you understand that the challenges that life sends are present for us to grow and mend the parts of ourselves that need transformation, we start to look at these circumstances from a space of gratitude.

Fantastic opportunity to take responsibility, heal how we felt that had us needing to inflate an idea and decide to operate from a space of honesty and integrity knowing that at any moment we are enough.

Have a great day

Love always





Jenny and Gary Leather

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