How Do We Transform Financial Stress In To Financial Freedom?

Jun 13, 2020 | Don't Pay Movement | 0 comments

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In Today’s Video We Cover:

  • What FINANCIAL FREEDOM really is
  • Income vs Fulfillment
  • How our Rich Dad journey opened our mind and changed our lives
  • Why thinking money will make you happy is a myth
  • and how to find the riches inside YOU so that you can make money doing something you love without the stress!

Gary thought his job would give him the freedom in life – but it didn’t! He had a very successful business in drafting yet he still didn’t feel fulfilled on a soul level.

“The drafting business served it’s purpose – it helped raise my family – but I always had a feeling that there must be something different or more”

So how many of you are feeling really stressed about the current situation? Do you also feel like you’re looking for another answer?

Leave us a comment below to let us know whether you’ve experienced this too!


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