Emotion is our friend when we learn how to interpret its gift.

It is a shame we are not taught in school the value of feeling angry or frustrated.

In truth we cannot experience the feeling if we are not holding it within; we have a choice to hold it in and keep adding layers and layers of the same emotion until it get heavy like concrete. This may end up with us not being able to feel anything. This would have us living vulnerable controlled by outside forces and ultimately never to find our gifts and talents.

For me this is unacceptable especially when all we need is a bit of education. There is another way we can choose to Let it Go. This can start by breaking down the story that has an attachment to this emotion.

I am not making light of being bullied because I understand within most days we are all bullied to some extent. If you are living a life filled with joy and happiness after finding your gifts and talent that you are now able to share with the world and are experiencing no areas of challenge then I admit you are probably not being bullied.

Yet for the rest of us who have been at the result end of being bullied I hope I can shift your context about what is REALLY happening.

YOUR ENERGY is being STOLEN. “Nothing more Nothing less”.

Now depending on the meaning we attach to how this feels is where everything goes pear shaped.

Let’s look at a case of a teenager being bullied in school because she does not fit the norm of the rest of the sheep in the class. Maybe she intuitively knows it’s OK to be different or perhaps she looks a different shape, colour or maybe even has a physical difference. Really the difference is not important the way this child feels is the gift, if it can be understood at the time.

ENERGY IS ALWAYS IN MOTION it is felt as EMOTION. Emotion is the Gift!

  1. If the person attacked / victim feels anger good because they have still got some fight in them, different makes others feel insecure. The attackers energy falls (If they checked in they feel vulnerable or insecure) and they feel the need to get some energy; they take it from someone else unconsciously. Depending on how low their energy is they will take it from the most vulnerable or someone who appears to BE different (unconscious the victim may feel different to them and they do not understand your value)


  1. The system does not want us to BE powerful individuals because we are easier to control if we keep playing follow the leader. Times are changing, bring on our unique gifts.



  1. When we can understand energetically what is happening and why you are then able to reclaim your power. The attack originally is not about you. It is about someone feeling vulnerable unconsciously and they are trying to steal energy from whomever they can get it. If you end up being the victim then something within you wanted to be released and this is the gift, the feeling that arises was within the attached person just hiding and lurking around from past experiences. We do not need to go to the past just sender this emotion up to a higher power to be dealt with, for me its god or my higher self, Allah, budda or universal love whatever that support system that you believe in will work.


  1. Time to take responsibility for the fact you were part of the story. You did allow your energy to be stolen and the emotion of anger, self-pity, anxiety or whatever appears happened.

Now what happens next time someone tries to pull you down? What strategies’ can you put in place to make sure you are able to handle it if it was to happen again?

  1. What we really want is for you to protect your energy making it harder to steal. I teach client to imagine a beautiful pink energy bubble all around then and seal it with a “star of David symbol”. Asking for protection from anything that is not for my higher good. I want to make clear I am not saying you will not have any challenges because some challenges are sent to make us stronger. When you have a different context about what challenges represent you can see them as a gift not a torment. This protection keeps away energies that you are not yet able to handle. (another topic)


  1. So with the energy bubble in place you will have a choice to walk away from the bully energy or you may find that your energy is too strong and they will move to someone else.



  1. If you are feeling stronger you may be able to say while standing strong holding onto your own energy, “I hear what you are saying but that is not how I look at the situation/life.” You are not telling them they are wrong, you can acknowledge their point of view but you also hold your energy by making your point. From the point of energy control you may both get to keep your own levels.


  1. Make sure that you release whatever you are feeling after this encounter. It is not about feeling elated because you stole their energy. It is about maintaining your position from an understanding YOU are all YOU need exactly as You are in every moment.

When you are able to see life through the exchange of energy instead of making it personal life becomes a whole new playing field.

Hope you enjoy, I am open for any questions

Love always


Jenny and Gary Leather

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